Mastering Software Complexity


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RubusĀ® is a collection of methods and tools for model-driven development of real time and embedded systems. It allows the designer to graphically describe systems as interconnected components. These interconnected components compose the architecture of the system that can be analysed entirely within the Rubus environment.

The Rubus tool suite integrates modelling, timing analysis, code synthesis (including a dedicated RTOS (the Rubus Kernel) and simulation for resource-constrained embedded systems.


Model-driven development (MBD) has an important role in designing real-time and embedded systems. This is becoming increasingly relevant as the complexity of real-time systems increase and the development needs to rely more and more on automation. Since MBD heavily relies on tool-chains that allow for the integration of system modelling, design and analysis, Arcticus and the Rubus product provide a significant contribution to the real-time community.

The Rubus component model is specifically designed to support timing constraints and requirements including enabling pre-run-time analysis. This gives advantages including supporting safety integrity levels (ASIL) that are under full control of the engineer.