Company Mission

Our company strategy has been continually developed during our long relationships with our customers. We have focused on being competitive and exploiting developments in software development methods and tools. Our company actively invests in key research and development efforts in order to be a leading partner in its business area.


Like the Arctic Salmon, we never ‘follow the stream’, and hold innovation and boldness as core values of the company.

We are an adaptive organization. Like the Arctic salmon, we are agile and adapt to the needs of our customers.

We aim to orient, decide and act in response to the needs of our customers:


Arcticus Systems combines state-of-the-art with state practice in the design of dependable real-time systems. We cooperate with the leading research institutes in Sweden and work in close cooperation with other real-time experts whose competence complements the Arcticus Systems´ specialities. Since the beginning, Arcticus has participated in developing several successful real-time systems and provided related program development tools for various microprocessors.

Proven expertise in design and analysis of real-time systems

Agile customer co-operation

– State-of-the-art technology

Functional safety for example ISO 26262


Since the conception of the first Rubus products, cooperation with Mälardalen University (and other academic institutions) has been of great importance in driving the development of the Rubus tool suite.

Vice versa, experience and feedback from the industrial use of Rubus have inspired many research projects over the years.

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