Code of Conduct

Arcticus Systems AB (the Company) develops, delivers, and supports state-of-the-art safety-critical embedded real-time system products and services. The products are called Rubus®. The Rubus product line consists of a Real-Time Operating System (Rubus Kernel) and Rubus Tool Suite. Thus, the Company’s business is limited to developing, selling, and supporting software tools and no physical manufacturing or production of goods is performed by using raw materials, etc.

The Company wants to create added value for customers, employees, suppliers, and shareholders, while contributing to the sustainable development of society. To achieve this, we actively work with good business ethics and social commitment. We take the climate and the environment into account and strive for long-term and trusting relationships.

Considering the above, this Code of Conduct shows the way by describing our values and the demands we place on employees and business partners.

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