Rubus Kernel

Designed for Dependable Real-Time Systems

Rubus Kernel is unique in its design for support of the Rubus Model Driven Development process achieving an optimal software architecture. The combination of a dynamic (Event Triggered threads) and static scheduling (Timed Triggered threads) support by the Rubus Kernel enables the optimal solution for the design for dependable real-time systems.

When utilizing the Rubus Component Model together with the Rubus Kernel RTOS service calls are generated automatically thus providing for the Single Shot Execution (SSX) of threads. Traditional ET-triggered threads utilizing blocking RTOS services are also supported.

Key Features

  • Time-triggered and event-triggered threads
  • Resource efficient
  • Optimized for the Rubus Component Model
  • Small footprint
  • Certified according to ISO-26262 standard (Road vehicle – Functional Safety)


The Arcticus has qualified the Rubus Kernel to be certifiable at ASIL level D according to the ISO 26262 Road vehicles — Functional safety Standard.

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