Arcticus Systems AB delivers and supports state-of-the-art safety critical embedded real-time system products and services. The products are called Rubus® (the name of a red arctic berry and a registered trademark of Arcticus Systems AB). The Rubus product line consists of a Real Time Operating System (Rubus Kernel) and a development tool suite (Rubus ICE).

The unique feature of the Rubus product suite is the ability to utilize, analyse and verify mixes of time driven deterministic and event driven non-deterministic application tasks with respect to timing properties and resource utilization. In Rubus, time driven application tasks are scheduled pre-runtime which is ideal for safety critical hard real time applications.

Rubus ICE provides full Model Driven Development support, timing analysis, code synthesis, unit testing and feedback of the real-time behaviour of the target applications that can be analyzed and synthesized entirely within the Rubus environment including a dedicated Real Time Operating System (the Rubus Kernel) and simulation of the combined application software and the Rubus Kernel.

Rubus ICE integrates easily into customer tool chains/environments.

The Rubus Kernel is available for different processor architectures/development platforms and is certified according to ISO 26262 standard ASIL D (Road vehicle – Functional Safety).